Show Up to Work.
Show Up to Practice.

80% of people who join a gym quit within the first 5 months. With a Palæstra in-house leadership & organizational development function, ongoing rhythms keep you "on the mat" week-to-week. By building the coaching competency of the team itself, we assure that everyday business challenges become the "mat space" for a dynamic process of action learning, performance improvement & organizational change. Beyond extrinsic bonuses & benefits, it is intrinsic motivation – fueled by shared growth towards mastery – that drives engagement, heightened productivity, and operational excellence at work. In today's competitive landscape, being a GREAT PLACE TO WORK is just table stakes - we help your company become a GREAT PLACE TO GROW.


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Palaestra Training Schedule



Team Practice

Live Feedback

Learning Assets



1:1 Coaching



All-Team Practice

Project Pulse Checks




Workshop Offsite:
Strategic Planning & Team Development


Leaders Go First.

Without a systemic change in organization and culture even participants who graduate from long-term leadership trainings or university programs are left to return to the same workplace dynamics only to fall back into old habits. Palæstra's "Split HR" approach assures that development plays a permanent and strategic role in the organization – starting with leadership. 


PALÆSTRA Engagement Roadmap


  • Assessment

  • CEO + key leaders: coaching and executive alignment with Palæstra instructor

  • Phase 2 Design


  • Assessment

  • Quarterly strategic planning & leadership development offsite

  • Executive team individual coaching with Palæstra coach

  • Weekly Team Practice + learning assets


  • Assessment

  • HR “Split in Two” – in-house practice for executive team supported by leadership & organizational development function

  • Leadership coaching practice cascades down to VPs then departmental teams

  • Development integrated with Human Resources processes: Strategy, Decision Making, Dispute Mediation, Org Chart, Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance Management, Comp & Incentives










"I learned more in my first 2 months here than I did in 6 years at my previous employer."

– New hire, Chanje EV


Change Your Whole Game:
Take a Time Out

Professional athletes maintain a healthy practice-to-performance ratio, taking regular time out for practice, rest and recovery. Palæstra's quarterly executive team retreats give you regular "time out" to work on the fundamentals that will change your whole game. These practice sessions include a day of strategic planning for work ON the business in addition to a day of leadership development work ON the team. Our approach is fun with serious results. Welcome to your Palæstra. Let's get on the mat!




Palæstra's executive retreats are hosted offsite in the world-famous Santa Barbara Riviera

Palæstra's executive retreats are hosted offsite in the world-famous Santa Barbara Riviera